Asia and the wine

A few days before standed the second Wine and Dine Festival which attracted way more people than expected the first time(20000 people expected for 70000 visitors). Something is certain, wine consumption in China is impressively increasing. According to Homi Kharas, searcher at the Wolfensohn Center, the number of asian consumer will reach the level of the european and north-american one in 2015. It means going from 21 billions$ in the market up to 35 billions$ in 2020 and even 56 billions$ in 2030. Moreover taxes on wine have been canceled in Hong-Kong.

This tend to prove that Asia is like a huge almost-empty place for Wine business. Wine was not part of traditional asian culture as it was for european but still it looks like there is bunch of people willing to taste this beverage. Has it to do with the global asian growth and the idea that wine belongs somehow to the wealthiest part of society as it is a precious drink? It’s not impossible… But nothing is for certain. On the contrary the Wine business is getting bigger everyday over there.

The opportunities spotted are of course among the wine industry itself. Try to product at low cost, improve your efficency etc… Keep in mind that red wine is way more appreciated. But there is also opportunities along the wine industry such as paralegal activities concerning wine, alcohol and even how to settle in those countries. As wine is not part of their culture, their legal system is different of ours and people should find something to help wine industry with all that stuff. That is to speak about every cultural differences which can be found in this part of the world.

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